Saturday, June 16, 2012

Connor & Madison & A Roll of Paper Towels

Connor loves paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, pretty much any type of tissue that he can get his hands on.  Not the most environmentally friendly of toys, but it can keep him entertained for a solid 15-20 minutes, so sometimes I give in and let him have at it.  Connor found this roll while he was exploring the cabinets...his new found talent.  Madison loves the cardboard center of the paper towel roll and thought she would get in on the fun :)
Madison: What do you have there Connor?

 Connor: A paper towel roll, see.

Madison: Thank you so much, I'll take that.

 Connor: Hey where are you going with that?

 Come back with that...

 I'm coming for you...

 Connor: Can't we share the paper towels?

Madison: Okay, we can play together I guess.

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