Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Pre-Game

Yesterday we had a great time starting to celebrate Connor's first Halloween with a little Halloween pre-game action.  Mountain's Edge hosts a fall festival at the park for all the families here in our neighborhood & I could not think of a better way to debut Connor in his first Halloween costume - a fun bright green dinosaur.  We enjoyed some funnel cake, visiting with Connor's daycare & our taking our first family halloween photo.  Halloween costumes are not really designed for a Las Vegas halloween where the temperature is still in the 90's, so Connor lasts just long enough in his costume for a few picture before he starts to melt, but a few pictures is all this loving mother needs!!  

Later in the afternoon we took Connor to his first halloween party - across the street at our favorite neighbors house.  Amber threw quite the party with yummy chili & a fantastic dessert display, always my favorite, games for the kids & pumpkin carving!!  Connor had a great time visiting with all his friends.

Thanks Amber for throwing such a great party!!

Really How Much Cuter Could Those Two Be!

After Costume Outfit....He Really is Mom's Little Pumpkin!

We are looking forward to more Halloween festivites next Monday with our great friends & family!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Connor's First Concert - OAR

Last night we spent the evening at the Bite of Las Vegas with some of our favorite people for Connor’s first O.A.R Concert.  We had such a great time & Connor really loved it.  I was worried since the concert started at 8:00pm, also known as Connor’s bedtime, but he loved the people watching & music – he did fantastic!!  I think he remembered the music from his first O.A.R concert in my belly.  The weather could not have been more beautiful and we just relaxed on our blanket (compliments of Grandma Bordwell) and enjoyed the music.  Connor & I even danced a little!  We all look forward to the next time O.A.R comes to visit Las Vegas!

Connor Loved Watching All The People....And Now He Fits In His Stroller Chair!!

Thanks Grandma Bordwell for the Quilt....Lots of Room to Hang Out

He Wanted To Look at Everything Except for at the Camera!

Tired Baby!  But Did Not Want To Miss Out on Any of the Fun!

Connor & The Boys!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy 3-Month Birthday!!!

Today Connor celebrated his 3-month birthday!!  He is growing & growing & growing right before our very eyes.  He is meeting (and I think exceeding) all his 3-month milestones including recognizing our face, voice and scent, holding his head steady and visually tracking moving objects. He squeals, gurgles, coos, and blows lots of bubbles.  He loves to bat at his toys & can even grab and hang on to some of them!  We are working on the rolling over and hopefully he will have that mastered by his 4-month birthday :) 

Today was also another great day at daycare & we offically have out first art work for the fridge...I think it is a perfect way to remeber his 3-month birthday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Connor's First Day At Daycare

Today was Connor's first day at his new daycare center & my first day back to work.  I would have to say Connor handled his first drop off much better than I did, but Blair was there to make sure I actually did drop Connor off & head to work.  Connor got a great report card from his teacher & they said he had lots of smiles.  He was sleeping when I came to pick him up, which was a relief, because I was very worried about him being able to sleep in his new surroundings. He also had 4 empty bottles which means he managed to remember that his milk does comes from places other than mom :)  All in all we both had a very good day and I know tomorrow will be even better (less tears for sure) 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Day of Maternity Leave

It is official my maternity leave ends today and I must return back to work tomorrow.  Connor & I have had so much fun spending time together the past 13 weeks, I can’t believe it is coming to an end.  He has grown so much the past few months and I am so lucky that I have had so much time off to see it all.  He now weighs about 14 lbs. 8 ounces and is about 25 inches tall.  He is holding his head up great and is enjoying more time playing in his excersaucer, sitting in his bumbo & it starting to focus, grab and hold on to his toys more & more every day.  He sleeps great at night & might even be on his way to sleeping through the night – last night he slept from 9pm to  7am – I was up at 5:15 wondering if he was still breathing!  Below are some pictures from all the fun the last few weeks…. 

Connor enjoyed all the attention from the ladies at the dog park
...the puppies wanted to know who was taking away all their attention!

Connor & Dad watching some football together; Connor loves dad time!

Ready for his first Ohio State football game, unfortunately the outcome was not good :(

GMa Shiplett came to see how big her grandbaby has gotten!


We had a fun visit with Aunt Dalisa & Aunt Randi at the new Naakiti Floral Studio.

Sleepy baby!  Blair had the magic touch that night :)

Back at the UNLV in the new Student Union, we were showing Connor
around our old stomping grounds

Connor with another of his many girlfriends, Audrey!  They enjoy thier play dates :)

Tomorrow will be Connor’s first day at daycare.   We are so lucky that a brand new daycare/pre-school just opened less than a mile from our house; you can see our development from their front door.  They have an established daycare/pre-school already open in Las Vegas and this is their second center.   Connor will only be one of three infants in their infant room at the moment, so I know he will get lots of love and attention, which is just what I was hoping for.  We feel very comfortable they will take great care of our little bug while I am at work!  Wish me luck tomorrow & as few tears as possible!!!  I will let everyone know how it goes!