Sunday, March 4, 2012

8th Months Old - Our Big Bug!

8 Months Old...even Connor can not believe it!!  Connor makes us laugh & smile every day with his expressions and excitement for everything he is learning.  At 8 months Connor can officially crawl, and very quickly might I add, he pulls himself up on almost everything (toys, couch, chairs, crib, mom & dad) and is starting to couch/crib surf...which something tells me walking (actually I have no doubt with Connor it will be running) is just around the corner.  I am still in denial he is mobile and am not ready for all this!  Connor is about 20 lbs these days (and feels every bit of it), but we will get his official height & weight next month at his check-up.  Connor talks all the time these days.  Although we still can't understand exactly what he is saying, we generally get the hint...Mom I'm Hungry, Mom Stop Torturing Me By Sucking Out My Buggers, Someone Pay Attention To Me, Hello I'm Awake Come & Get Me, Mom Make This Teething Thing Stop, I Want More Fried Rice NOW...he is pretty direct with his requests and entertaining to listen to most of the time.  Oh & I can not forget, Connor now has one tooth (and I think another one will be making its appearance any day)!!  So many changes, it is just crazy!! 

To celebrate his 8 month birthday, Blair & I took Connor to the park for a picnic & some fresh air.  It was a BEAUTIFUL Day and Connor really loved being outside. 

Connor really enjoyed his beets...but man they are MESSY!!

Not sure if beets was the best choice for Connor's picnic lunch, but that is a pretty cute face!

Connor loves his Mum Mums - Yum Yum!

Like Father, Like Son...Connor loves the I-Phone!

Connor loves his Dad :)

Connor has the some of the funniest expressions, so I thought a little photo spread of his fun expressions was in order..

My little bug just keeps getting bigger & bigger!!  Happy 8 Month Birthday Connor!!