Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

 Connor is so lucky to have such a fantastic dad & I am so lucky to have such a loving &  supportive husband to share in this adventure of parenthood.  He makes sure Connor & I are fed, helps every night with bath & bed time and is always there if I need help.  I could not ask for someone else I would rather have by my side.  I can only hope that Connor grows to be just like his dad (well, maybe without a few of the trouble making teen years).

 Our very good friend Carrie Terrones take a picture every year of her son in his dads shirt & see how much bigger he gets every year on this very special day.  She helped me start this tradition with Connor, thank you Carrie for sharing your idea & taking the photos!!

 Connor has a little ways to go before he fits into dads shirts, 
but really can you get much cuter!!

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Connor & Madison & A Roll of Paper Towels

Connor loves paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, pretty much any type of tissue that he can get his hands on.  Not the most environmentally friendly of toys, but it can keep him entertained for a solid 15-20 minutes, so sometimes I give in and let him have at it.  Connor found this roll while he was exploring the cabinets...his new found talent.  Madison loves the cardboard center of the paper towel roll and thought she would get in on the fun :)
Madison: What do you have there Connor?

 Connor: A paper towel roll, see.

Madison: Thank you so much, I'll take that.

 Connor: Hey where are you going with that?

 Come back with that...

 I'm coming for you...

 Connor: Can't we share the paper towels?

Madison: Okay, we can play together I guess.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy 11-Month Birthday

How is Connor 11-Months?  I know I ask this every month, but really I just can not wrap my head around it.  From his 10-Month Birthday to 11-Month Birthday has been such a huge change.  Connor now has a mouth full of teeth...8 to be exact (4 on the top & 4 on the bottom).  He is WALKING!!!!  That is right, I said WALKING!!  On his official 11-Month Birthday he walked up & down the hall 3 or 4 times.  He had been taking wobbily steps for 2 weeks or so, but not really putting it all together.  Then out of the blue he started taking his normal few steps & then did not stop and walked all the way down the hall.  I am so proud of our little bug and he has not slowed down since.  I can also say his offical 11-Month weight is 22.2 lbs - one big boy!  We have made a few trips to the doctors office in recent weeks, so he has been on the scale more times than I would like to count.  Don't worry nothing dire, just another day in the life of our little germ magnet.  Connor has also really deveopled a mind of his own.  He knows what he wants & is not afraid to let you know.  We are working on asking for things nicely - lol.  Below are the photos from his 11-month photo shoot...(I said in past tense because I cheated and marked this post as his actual birthday, in reality it is almost two weeks later and we just took his offical 11-month photos earlier this judging - lol).  As I think I mentioned at his 10-month photos he loves to play with the sticker instead of smile at the they are not perfect photos, but it pretty much is how things go around here these days.  I also learned my lesson, it takes two people to take these & learn :) 

HAPPY 11-Months Connor!!

What is this on my shirt? 

I can just pull it fun!

Maybe if I give her one smile, she will give me that sticker back...

I want my sticker back!!

Why did you put it back on my shirt?

Thanks Mom, this is such a fun game!


Friday, June 1, 2012

May - 365 Day Project

So I am a bit behind on blogging, May was a crazy month and we have continued to stay very I am cheating and back dating a few of these posts.  I am still loving our 365 day project, Connor is changing so fast, it really is fun to see how much from day to day & month to month.  What happened in May might you ask....A LOT!!

Connor's top teeth came in full force - I finally got a picture of the two front teeth on May 2nd.

Connor turned the big double digits (10 months that is) on May 4th...that is also the day I gave notice to the Hofbrauhaus...I got a new job!!!  They did not need me to work my 2-weeks notice, so I took the next 9 days off to work on house projects that have been on the back burner, run errands & Connor and I even got to have a Mommy & Me play day on May 9th...shared with Carrie, Audrey & Chase.

On May 11th we took Connor to his first UNLV baseball game (also a date night for Audrey & Connor).  You can see all the fun photos from that evening on the previous blog post!

On May 19th Connor enjoyed his first dinner at Fogo de Chao - my new restaurant! I am in love with my new restaurant and Connor enjoyed his visit too!  The cheese bread & fried bananas were his favorite.

May also was the month Connor learned to stand on his own & started taking his first steps...not officially walking but so so close.  May 6th, I caught a picture of him standing by himself.  He would let go of whatever he was balancing on if he had two toys to bang together.  By the end of May, see May 21st, he was standing up and balancing all by himself in the middle of the room.  He also started pushing his walker up & down the hallway, see May 20th.

The last week of May was not our best week ever...although you can't really tell by the pictures.  Connor came down with Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (I found disease a bit of a harsh word, more like a virus).  Of course he picks 3 weeks after I started a new job to come down with a contagious virus that would keep him home from daycare all week, but thankfully Blair was able to work from home and stay with him.  Minus the yucky rash and slight crankiness, you really would never have known the kid was sick, although he did manage to pass the virus on to all of us, including my family that was visiting from Phoenix (he is so generous with his germs).  Lucky for all of us, it does not affect adults the same way as kids and we were just not feeling 100% for a few days.

Lastly in May Connor finally said Ta Ta to the Ta Tas :).  With me starting a new job, we decided it was time to say goodbye to nursing and transition Connor to formula.  I am so thankful it was an easy transition and Connor is doing great on the formula.  We made it almost to his 11-month birthday, so I am pretty proud of both of us.

As I said, May was a crazy month and as you can see we stayed very busy.  Lots of growth & changes and I have no doubt we are not slowing down any time soon!