Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve Festivites

This Christmas Eve we were joined by my family & the always wonderful Cooper family for our traditional Shiplett Christmas Eve Surf & Turf Dinner.  Connor spent most of the day & night buttering up Grandma & Grandpa, as there were a few shopping hours left before Christmas, and Blair & I enjoyed a few hands free moments before the party started!  
Love you Grandma!

Perfect onesie for buttering up Grandma! 

Who could resist those chubby cheeks!

Playing peek-a-boo with that smile
I love my toes!

Love cuddling with Aunt Dalisa!
Hello Coopers :)

Dalisa helping me with my photogrpahy skills...all about finding the light..Dalisa is really good at it! 

Like mother like daughter...great at finding good light - lol!

The tree is trimmed....

All ready for Christmas Day!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Seeing Santa!!

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Christmas!!  Santa made one of his many stops of the season at the Mountain's Edge Exploration Peak Park during the Snow Day party the neighborhood puts on every year.  
Connor was very excited to meet Santa, as you can tell, 
and I loved that he was not scared of Jolly Old Saint Nick one bit, he loved it!!  

Connor got to pet Dasher, one of Santa's famous reindeer, 
that came down from the North Pole for the occasion.

Lots of people waiting to meet Santa!

Getting closer!  Good thing we had some hot chocolate to enjoy while we waited :)

A patient Connor waiting for his turn....better waiting in the fresh air, then in the mall :)

They even bring in snow for the day for everyone to play in...

That is how we get snow in Las Vegas when it is 65 in December!!
I think Connor will love that next year.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy 5-Month Birthday Connor!!

Honestly, I know I say this every time, but really where does time go!  It feels like yesterday we were bringing Connor home from the hospital & now we are celebrating his 5-month birthday.  He is growing so fast, I find myself asking where the brakes are...I wish I could freeze time!  It has been so fun watching his personality develop & watching him explore his new can see him taking in everything.  Connor just loves to study his toys, he grabs at everything & almost everything ends up in his mouth for a taste test.  His two favorite things (and mom & dad's) are currently his ExerSaucer & his Jumper.  He just loves to push the buttons, move the toys around & just explore all they to offer him.  Not to mention he LOVES to jump!  And we love to hear his laughter & see his smile when he really gets to is contagious.  At 5-months Connor is sitting up on his own & can roll over when he wants to, although he generally could care less about rolling over, especially when mom has the video camera rolling.  In the last month he has found his feet & every once in a while gives his toes a taste, which is pretty funny to watch.  He talks & hums all the time, our conversations are pretty interesting!  And I am pretty sure this morning I heard a distinct MA when Blair went in to get him this morning.  I know he was asking where I was...he was hungry - lol! He is just a really happy baby & we are so lucky!  Below are a few fun photos of Connor playing in his jumper this morning....I just love to watch him play!!

 See that smile is contagious!!!