Saturday, October 13, 2012

August & September 365 Project

So, behind on blogging does not even begin to describe how far behind on blogging I actually am.  Connor has been keeping us on our toes these past two months and I am just not sure how we are already half way through October.  I swear I just posted yesterday...but better way late then never right?  Which brings us to the August & September 365 Day Project Post.  Thank goodness I have managed to keep up with this project, as I would not have any photos of Connor otherwise!

August was a fun month & watching Connor grow a little bit more each day is amazing.

Connor loves his books (see August 8th).  He will go get a book & bring it to us to read to him or often time he will sit to read through the book on his own.

I took my first work trip in August for a convention, leaving Blair in charge of Connor for 4 days.  Connor helped me finish packing on August 11th & Blair was nice enough to send me photos while I was gone (see August 12-14)...I think he wanted me to know they were surviving without me.  Aunt Rachael came with helping hands, as well!

This month we officially took out the bumpers of the bath tub & Connor had free reign over the entire tub - see August 20th

On August 24th Connor graduated from his Baby Classroom, saying goodbye to his favorite teacher Ms. Yvette.

On August 25th GMa Shiplett came for a visit on her way to you can see Connor loves bath time with GMa & on the 26th they posed for a quick photo.

This month Connor also graduated into his big boy convertible car seat.  We took it out of the book on August 5th & Connor thought it was a new chair.  We actually got it installed a few weeks later - see August 27th - he seems to think it is just as comfy & easy to fall asleep in.

On August 26th Connor started his first day in the Toddler Room.  I have to say dropping him off in his new classroom made me sad & happy all at the same time.  He was ready to move up to the next room, but it only made me realize Connor is not a baby anymore.  He is loving his new room & new friends!

We celebrated his graduation on August 31st with a BBQ at the Terrones Residence.  Chase was nice enough to let Connor ride shotgun in his jeep.  Connor was strapped in tight & Chase was an excellent driver...Connor LOVED it!

September brought us some new adventures, as Connor really has developed quite the personality and some new skills.

September 1st was Connor's first visit to an indoor playground - Tikes & Tots.  Blair was enjoying his fantasy football draft & I thought it would be perfect date day for Connor & I.  He LOVED the ball pit!

September 2nd Grandma & Grandpa Bordwell came for a visit & to help babysit for the afternoon while I was able to enjoy a day at the theater.  Aunt Rachael & Luke came over to visit too & helped put together Connor's tricycle!

September 3rd we finally moved Connor's excersaucer to the third level...a little play station.  He really likes hitting all the buttons on the attachments, almost like a new toy!

Connor still loves to play in his duck...see September 8th

This month Connor also learned how to climb on the furniture.  He favorite seats are on our sub woofer (see September 9th) and my bathroom vanity chair (see September 10th & September 27th).  We would not mind him climbing to sit in his new favorite spots, but as you can image, he really would prefer to stand on the chairs.  We are still working on that....we sit in chairs & stand on the ground.

Connor still loves to help us sweep...he loves the swifter, mop & brooms....see September 4th & 14th

Connor took his first wagon ride on September 18th.  He likes to switch up his mode of transportation on our walks. 

Connor still loves the water & we decided a park day was just the ticket on September 22nd.  They have a great water feature the kids can play in.

On September 23rd Connor got to meet his first firefighters & see a fire truck in person, thanks to a drunk guy at Egg Works on a Sunday morning.  He had fun & was not scared at all...gotta love the unplanned photo op.

Connor has also had lots of visits from Aunt Rachael this month.  She tries to visit every Sunday & Connor really looks forward to seeing his Aunt (see September 16th & 30th).  I really also love the extra set of hands..especially now that football season in back in full force.

So as you can see we had a very busy September.  Connor is constantly on the move & turning into a little man more each day!  Crazy!

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