Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch & Petting Zoo

Fall is in the air (in Vegas that means that it has stayed below 100 for a few weeks now), the pumpkin candles are burning and it was time for our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch.  Last year Connor was just 4 months & barely sitting up on his own.  This year he was running around the pumpkin patch and even got to visit the petting zoo!  We had a great time & left with our three family pumpkins & a few photos of all the fun!

 Connor was making the rounds, wanted to make sure he picked out the perfect pumpkin!

 How about this one, dad?

 Maybe this one?

 This might make the top three...

 Off to the petting zoo while we think the final decision over...
 Connor loved seeing all the animal we sing about & read about in books

 He LOVED the goats & since he has learned to "pet nice" with Madison at home, he did a great job with the goats too!

 Now back to business finding the perfect pumpkins!

 On the hunt!

 One in the wheel-barrel, two more to go!
 Connor found the perfect pumpkin, just his size!

 Heading to the wheel-barrel with his pick...

Connor wanted to take this pumpkin home too, but since it was bigger than him we decided on a slightly smaller version for our third pumpkin.

We had a great time & might even be back one more time to check on the animals before the end of the pumpkin patch season :)

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