Sunday, August 26, 2012

July - 365 Project

So surprise surprise I am behind on my blog posts...I have to be honest I do love blogging about Connor and what is going on, but generally after he is tucked in bed, we have had dinner & dishes are done, the last thing on my mind is opening the computer and blogging.  It is still a goal to get better!

July was such a fun month.  On July 1st, we celebrated Connor's 1st Birthday with a wonderful pool party at Anthem Country Club.  All the grandparents were in town that weekend to celebrate the big occasion.  I have to thank GMa & Papa Shiplett for hanging around after Connor's birthday to babysit for the weekend.  Blair & I were able to enjoy a long weekend in Park City, UT for a good friends wedding.  Connor had tons of fun with GMa & Papa Ship and they snapped the 365 photos for me :).  

On July 13th, Connor had his 1-year check-up weighing in at 23.6 lbs...our big boy!  He is in the 50th percentile on all fronts & a healthy 1 year old.  

Papa Ship came for another quick visit while in Las Vegas for work - see July 23rd. And Grandma & Grandpa Bordwell came at the end of the month to help celebrate my 30th Birthday - see July 28th.  We love that all the grandparents have gotten to see Connor grow first hand & Connor loves their visits!

I am truly lucky I am able to capture any clear photos these days, as Connor never stops moving...he is such an active little guy.  I would say running versus walking most days!  We LOVE watching him explore his world.  

I honestly can not believe we have a 1-year old and officially a toddler.  His smile melts our hearts and we are loving the adventure!

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