Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy 10 Month Birthday!!

Happy 10-Month Birthday Connor! 
Another month is in the books and Connor is just growing like a weed.  Connor is certainly keeping us on our toes.  He is constantly thinking, analyzing and moving!  Lucky for us we can generally see what he is thinking before he gets to far.  He now has 3 & 1/2 teeth with two more ready to break through on the top.  Teething has not been any fun this month & even caused a double ear infection, but lucky for us he seems to be feeling much better.  We are also hearing lots of Mama & Dada...the sweetest words in the world!  We just love to hear him talk & babble!  We are working on waiving & blowing kisses goodbye...maybe next month we will have the down :)

When we went to take Connor's 10-Month photos he figured out the 10-Month sticker was just that, a sticker, and that he could pull it off & it became a fun new toy.  He was very interested in the sticker.  Dad thought it would be funny to stick it on his forehead...we did giggle a minute, I mean how cute does he look!  That is also why in the photos below the sticker ended up on his back!  

Look, No Hands!!!
Connor is starting to balance on his own & we actually managed to capture it on camera today!! He is getting much quicker at cruising around the furniture & if he is not paying to much attention will stand next to the couch or his excersaucer and play with two toys in his hands, balancing all by himself.   He even has taken one step to move from one toy to the next.  I have a feeling we are getting very close to walking!

Dad Look at Me!!

Oh my goodness!!!  Such a big boy!!

Happy 10-Months Connor!!

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