Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April - 365 Day Project

So April has officially come & gone, which means another month of my 365-project pictures are ready for the blog!  This month Connor has been on the go & keeping us very busy.  He is turning into a little man before our  eyes...more little man, less baby everyday.  As you can see in quite a few pictures, he spends a lot of time eating these days, he loves food!  He met his Great Grandma & Grandpa Malek for the first time on April 7th.  GMa Shiplett came for a visit at the end of April, so mom & dad could take a little California vacation. And if you look close in a few pictures you can see all the teeth that Connor now has (two on the bottom, one all the way through on the top & three others on the top are just waiting to pop through).  I just love watching our little bug grow a little more each picture!

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