Friday, February 10, 2012

Time To Retire The Baby Bath Tub

So the time has come to finally retire Connor's baby bath tub.  It has been something I have been putting off for the past few weeks...not only is his baby bath tub super convenient, but it also means my little bug is just not that little any more.  I was looking back at photos the other day & came across photos of Connor's first bath & a few other bath photos taken over the past 7 months and they really put how much Connor has grown in perspective.  Sometimes I forget how little Connor really was when we first brought him glad we snapped these photos to remember!   

Connor's First Offical Sponge Bath at 7 Days Old

Relaxing In His Bath at 1 Month Old

Connor Loves Bath Time, Just Over 1 Month

All Tuckered Out!!
Almost 7 Months Old - Mom Don't You Think I Am Getting A Bit Big For This Tub!

Last Day In The Baby Bath!

Now I just hope Connor enjoys bath time in his new duckie bath tub as much as he has enjoyed bath time in his baby bath.  Another milestone for the books!

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  1. So sweet to see his growth over the past months…what a big handsome boy!