Monday, February 6, 2012

Connor is 7 Months!!

How is that possible?  Connor turned 7 months old on Saturday and honestly it is all just going by a little to quick!  How is it possible that we are more than half way to his one year birthday - we are closer to his one year birthday than the day he was born - I really need to find that pause button! Connor just keeps growing & growing & growing before our very eyes.  

He has had some very big firsts this past month & something tells me the fun is just beginning....

Connor now wants to be up on his feet all the time & has figured out how to pull himself up to standing on a few things.  I almost fell over the first time I looked over to see him standing next to his sit & stand toy when I had left him sitting just a few seconds to get things ready to head out the door. He really loves his new skill and I think he thinks I am his jungle gym when we are playing on the floor.

Connor is also so close to crawling he can taste it...he get on his hands & knees and rocks back & forth...and can crawl a few crawls if you put something out of his reach, but not totally mobile yet.  It is only a matter of time before he really puts it all together & I know once he gets going...look out world, we are all in trouble!

This past weekend Connor surprised Grandma & Grandpa Bordwell by figuring out how to sit up in his crib all by himself! Imagine their surprise when they looked at the monitor to see if he was ready to get up from his nap & found him sitting up ready for someone to come & play. YIKES! We still have not seen this skill in person, but am keeping a closer eye on the monitor to see how he is doing this!

This past month Connor has also gotten much better at eating his solid foods....well it was solid before it hit the food processor.  We have even worked in some new snack items.  He loves his yogurt dots, puffs & mum mums.  They keep him occupied while I try & sneak in some peas.  Sweet potatoes are still his favorite, he would turn into a sweet potato if he could, but we try & work in a few new foods a week to keep things interesting.

The one thing that is still missing is his teeth! 
Some of his friends have lots of teeth, but Connor remains toothless.  Everyone seems to be waiting in great anticipation of said teeth, but since we are still nursing
I really could do without them for a bit longer :)  Maybe next month!

To say the least it has been an amazing month &
I can't wait to see what the next month has in store for us!!!

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