Thursday, February 23, 2012

So Many Firsts...It Is Hard To Keep Up

Connor is growing & changing so fast I am finding it hard to keep up and I am certainly having a hard time blogging quick enough so this is a recap of all his first these last few weeks!

Connor can now feed himself..that is when he wants to.  He loves his yogurt dots, puffs, mum mums & we are working on bananas, avocado and even some table food.  If anything, playing with the food keeps him entertained when eating his pureed food. 

Connor's first car!  He likes to drive (walk) around the kitchen while we clean up or eat dinner.  Madison is starting to get nervous that Connor is more mobile & wants to check out what he is up to.

Connor's first bath in his big boy bath tub.  He loves his new bath tub!  He loves to splash & play in the water, although I do miss his baby bath tub in the sink some days. 

Connor can now sit & stand up in his crib.  These pictures were from Saturday - the first time he decided he wanted to play instead of taking his nap.  Every time I laid him down, he rolled over crawled to the edge & pulled himself right up.  I am a sucker & let it slide cause who could resist that adorable face!  Instead of napping we opened some windows & staged a photo shoot to commemorate the occasion.  I will say it is not quite as adorable at 3am when he wants to play instead of sleep.

In the last few weeks Connor has really taking a liking to mirrors - he loves playing with his new friend...his reflection.  I love watching him interact & I will even clean the mirrors a million times to see that smile.

On President's Day Aunt Rachael joined Connor & I for his first play date at the park.   It was nice to get a little fresh air & Connor really had fun exploring & people watching.  Connor is mobile now, so we layed a big blanket out, put out some of his favorite toys & let him explore.

While we were at the park, we decided to head to the swing set to see if Connor wanted to swing.  He was not exactly sure about the swing...but he did like watching all the people.  I think the swing will grow on him :)

I just love watching Connor exploring his world.  He has the best expressions and gets so excited when he realizes he can do something new.  Next thing on our to do proofing!!


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  1. Such a handsome man and growing so fast…love the crib shots!