Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Connor's 1st Christmas!

We had such a great time celebrating Connor's 1st Christmas!!  Stockings were hung by the fireplace with care....okay maybe not, because we do not have a fireplace, but Connor was rocking his new Christmas pajamas and he certainly was up a few times Christmas Eve waiting for Santa's arrival!!  
Santa was very good to Connor, along with his Grandma & Grandpa Bordwell and GMa & Papa Shiplett, he got everything on his list & more!  He must have been one good little boy!!  
I also had fun photographing the festivities with my new camera.  I was very excited that Santa brought me some photo editing software, but if you are going to see this post before Christmas next year, I figured we better just put up the good old fashioned unedited versions :)  
Here are are few of my favorite photos of the day...
Mom, all this is for me?  Santa is a very cool dude!!

He was so excited to see all his new toys & books from Santa.  His Great Grandma Malek made his stocking (to match the one she made for me when I was a baby)
& it arrived just in time for the big day!
Big hug to all his gifts from Santa 
(or he fell over & landed on his stocking...either way a cute picture)

Looking through his new book!  He is so interested in everything these days!
Can't wait to see what else Santa brought...

Showing Madison his new toy...she just wanted to know where all her presents were 
(still under the tree of course)

After a quick costume change (and a nap), he was ready to open more presents.  The golf balls were part of dad's present, but Connor thought they were pretty cool too(a golf star in the making)!!

Although not quite as cool as his lion friend...very excited to meet him!
He really loved the paper!!

Connor got a chair just his size... 
or it will be his size sometime this year when he is a little more stable
& mom does not have to worry about him rolling out!

Yep a super comfy chair!

Our last costume change for the day!!  
Grandma & Connor loved playing with all his new toys :)

We hope everyone enjoyed there Christmas as much as we did!!  Ho, Ho , Ho!!

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