Sunday, January 8, 2012

Connor's 6-Month Birthday!

This past Wednesday we celebrated Connor's 6 Month Birthday!
He is not a newborn anymore...actually he has not been a newborn for a few months, but I guess I was just in denial! He is my bubbly big happy baby boy & just amazes us every day!!
On Friday Connor went & visited Dr. McGhee for his 6-month check-up and showed him how great he can sit up, how fun it is to eat the paper on the exam table & what great eye hand coordination he has...overall the Doc was very impressed with Connor's A+ appointment. He weighed in at 18.4 lbs. and 27.25 in length, keeping him in the 75th percentile for height & weight.
We have been working on introducing solids the past few weeks & Connor is finally getting the hang of it. We have tried rice cereal, avocado, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, carrots, oatmeal & bananas. So far I think sweet potatoes are top on his list...although after this morning bananas might have just jumped ahead. I have really enjoyed making all his baby is much easier than I expected & fun to try new things. For his 6-month photos we staged a photo shoot at his school (daycare), he has been there 3 months now and just loves it!

Connor was posing for me...first stop mom's stop Gerber Baby!! 

Who can resist that look!

Happy 6-Month Birthday Connor!!

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