Sunday, March 31, 2013

March - Project 365

I have to say I am in complete disbelief that we are at the end of March.  I know that days are passing, but just feel like things are moving at warp speed. That being said, I have a confession, I have cheated by back dating the last 5 365 Project posts, but rest assured this is current!  I am going to catch up on blogging if is kills me!

Anything new happen in March might you ask...

Well Connor is turning into a little man before our very eyes.  I know I might be bias, but he is the cutest little guy I have ever seen...I mean look at those photos!

He LOVES to help with just about anything, but still has a real affection for the vacuum, sponge & broom.  His teachers at school always comment on what a great helper he is.

Connor officially graduated out of his sleep sack this month.  I was nervous he would get cold, because he moves around so much at night & never keeps the blackets over him.  But he seems to be doing just fine without his attached blanket.

Connor loves his books & current favorites include the Dr. Seuss ABC Book & Cat in Hat.  He also still loves "On the Night You Were Born" & "Goodnight Moon" which I can read without even opening the book!

Connor's vocabulary is growing by the minute and he is even putting phrases together!  Blair & I have been taken back a few times this month at what he has picked up.  Thank goodness one of those words is "Grandpop" or Grandpa Bordwell might have cut off his endless supply of goodies they bring.   He will try & repeat almost anything you say to him...time to really start watching our language!!
New words include applesauce, pineapple, mango, tickle, cuddle, tower, vacuum, cookie, help, color, outside, walk..and so many more I can't think of at the moment
New phrases include "I Did It" & "Mommy No"
He even counted from One to Five!!  We got that on video!!

The weather has also warmed up this month, so we have had the chance to visit the park & go on quite a few walks.  Connor LOVES his walks or should I say runs...sometimes I think he is training for the next 5K!  In general he loves to be outside.

And last but not least a few stats...he currently wears 24 Month Bottoms & 2T/3T Tops and weighs in at just about 30 pounds.  He is a BIG boy & I all feel all 30 pounds every time I pick him up

Connor really has been keeping us moving, quickly, but we LOVE see him grow & develop.  I am trying to soak in all the moments, I am so aware how fast time is going.  Until next time!

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