Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Fun 2013 - Coloring Eggs

 1st Easter Egg Coloring Adventure!!!

As you can see Connor was very excited to color his Easter Eggs & I was very excited at the thought of all the fun we were going to have, but I did forget how these projects generally end...FUN in theory, very MESSY in practice.  In the end it was at least a good photo opportunity :)

 Egg Colors All Ready to Go!

 Connor Preparing His Eggs...
I wish I had a photo as he threw the first egg in the blue dye, splashing it all over Blair.  
Good thing Connor was surrounded by brown paper bags!

Our first few eggs resting safely from little hands...but not for long

We tried to bring the colors down to you can see that did not last long.  
Three eggs do not fit in one coloring bowl in case you were wondering!

 Take pictures or save the eggs from Connor...
I decided it might make for some cute pictures.  

 He did not quite understand how fragile the eggs were...but he loved showing them off.
 See mom look at my eggs...

Here dad you can have an egg too :)

Out of a dozen, our four sole surviving eggs.  Maybe our ratio will be better next year!
Egg Coloring Cleaned Up & Now for some Bubble Fun!!!   
Thanks Nana & Grandpa for letting us crash your backyard for all the festivities & for the bubbles!

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