Sunday, March 20, 2011

Painting the Baby's Room!

The design of the baby’s room has been a work in progress from the last few months.  The theme, look & colors of the room have gone through a few revisions since we found out we were having a boy and was much harder to decide than I had originally anticipated…..but progress has been made!  Once we decided on the bedding for the crib (picture below), it was time to pick paint colors for the room.  After 3 weeks, 2 trips to Home Depot, 5 trips to Sherwin Williams, 7 sample green paint colors & 3 blue sample paint colors we (and by that I mean me – if Blair had his way we would not paint at all – lol J) finally decided on the perfect green & navy blue paint colors for the wall.  For anyone looking to paint I would certainly recommend a trip or two to Sherwin Williams, they were sooo helpful & patient with me!  Last weekend commenced the beginning of the painting project with the fantastic help of my friend Alicia, who actually likes to paint, and Blair who helped tape and pick up lunch.  We finished up the painting yesterday…accept for a few needed touch-ups.  I love it how it turned out (just what I had envisioned)…hope baby Shiplett will too!  And now we are ready for the furniture delivery next weekend!     
Baby Bedding From  - fell in love!
Part One of Painting Project...Covering All The Samples I Painted on the Wall!
                            First Coat On First Green Wall Done.  Alicia Was Such A Huge Help!

                                        Two Green Walls Done!     First Coat of Navy Blue Wall
Almost There!!

The Stripe Taped & Ready To Paint

 The Finished Room!!!

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