Tuesday, March 1, 2011

21 Weeks - Half Way There!

I cannot believe we have already passed the half way mark in my pregnancy – at 21 weeks yesterday we are well on our way to meeting our baby boy in July!  We have been busy planning for the arrival of our little one since our last post and I know I am way behind on the updates. 
Two Fridays ago we had our 20 week ultrasound to make sure all of his anatomy was developing correctly.  Everything looked fantastic & he is growing bigger everyday – about 11 oz. at the appointment and around the size of a banana (or so it says on my tracker, if we are comparing him to food).  And as he grows, so do I!  It is official the baby bump has arrived...maternity jeans & the belly bands are my new best friends.  I am just thankful maternity clothes are actually very cute these days – it makes the transition much easier!  I am also starting to feel him kick which is such an exciting & strange feeling all at the same time.  To say the least the fact that there is something growing inside me is really starting to sink in.
The Baby Bump!

Here are a few of the most recent ultrasound pictures...
Really the best looking baby boy in the world...
and that is his great big heart right in the middle of the first photo :)

More Profile Pictures

And the cutest little feet in the world...except when they are pressing on my bladder!

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