Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy 9-Month Birthday!!

Connor is three quarters of a year is that possible??  Connor keeps us on our toes these days, always moving, always exploring, always finding new things to get in to.  At 9-months Connor has two teeth (his bottom teeth) with his two front teeth on their way.  He eats three meals a day (plus his milk of course) and loves just about everything he can eat himself, especially his peas, cheerios, bananas & yogurt dots.  He weighs in at 21 pounds & 28 1/2 inches tall putting him in the 50th percentile for height & weight.  With all the moving about he is slimming down just a bit :)  We have also heard quite a few dadas & mamas recently.  If you ask Blair he said dada first, but I beg to differ.  There is nothing better then hearing mama & dada!!  Connor keeps growing & growing...10 months is just around the corner!

Love those big beautiful blue eyes!!

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