Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Are Pregnant!

Welcome to our Shiplett Family Blog!!  We are so excited to share our journey with everyone & decided this would be a great avenue to keep everyone updated on our little peanuts progress & our new adventure through parenthood.  The picture below is from our first ultrasound on November 29th, our little peanut was just about 8 weeks old & only 1.62 centimeters from crown to rump (as the doctors like say).  Our ultrasound technician put it in layman’s terms for us...our peanut was about a chocolate chip & a half....gotta love how they always measure the size of a baby to food!

On a side note a big thank you to Carrie for putting this blog together for Blair& I and another big thank you to Dalisa for scanning in all of our ultrasound photos for your viewing pleasure with her high-res scanner...we are soooo lucky to have such wonderful friends!

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